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This is my blog where I share tips, tricks and techniques that will help you stay at the top of your health!

Let me introduce you to myself, I am John Ulmer author of Fitlivings. The reason behind I created this website is to clear misconceptions and help people provide value.


About Me:

I am a fitness freak and I spent most of my time researching and adapting new ways to find out what works best on the human body. Just like every young lad and girl i grew up taking part in high school soccer and play video games.

Suddenly, i changed gears and develop my interest for gym and exercising. Although i was not fat but i wanted to be muscular. There was a friend of mine who was quite obese, he needed help! I did plenty of researched and talked to experts at the gym and did a lot of research on internet. So it all started here..

I helped him getting rid of those extra pounds, it was very difficult but hard work paid off. From that point i realized that there is a lot of misconception all over the internet and there should be a blog that would help people with their health. Provide them the actual solution for the problem.

So here I am..

I came across with this very beneficial morning drink recipe that helped my friend lose weight effortlessly..

– It not only helped him lose fat but at the same time improved his vitality.

– Drop his bad cholesterol down.

That was it..

Thanks for stopping by. As an exchange for your time I am delighted to share that morning drink recipe that helped my friend lose several pounds. Good Day 🙂