Privacy Policy cares for the privacy and information of its readers and viewers, and it is for this reason that it takes measures to ensure that there is no particular aspect through which it may be given or leaked to third parties. The information collection of the viewers or readers on this website is quite minor, if at all, and it is highly recommended to read through the entirety of this privacy policy in order to understand the manners in which data might be collection.

Information Collection and Usage

To be clear, upon viewing or accessing the website, you agree to read both the Privacy Policy and Disclaimer and agree with the terms and conditions mentioned within them. In case that you have not read through any of these, you may not access the website or read any of its information.
The data collection on is extremely minor. Much like other websites on the internet, the most that might be collected will be in the form of cookies. These cookies basically allow you to receive a more customized and personalized experience on the internet. During this process there is no sharing of your data to other third parties or companies.
As mentioned in the law, any usage of one’s data must be mentioned in the privacy policy, and thus considers it to be imperative to reveal any information to their readers. It is now the duty of the reader to carefully read and assess the manner in which their information is being used, and then decide whether or not they wish to continue usage.
In case that they continue to do is out of their own volition and cannot be held responsible for anything from that point. As this site does not have any account creation services available, one is not able to provide any vital information to the website, and remains safe .
It should be stated however that any damage that one might incur after having used any of the products that are mentioned on the website cannot be blamed on FitLivings and the information present on the website is up to the reader to decide the trustworthiness of. The reader is then responsible for any and all damage that they might uncover unto themselves as a result of this.

Changes to Privacy Policy:

This website holds the right to amend the Privacy Policy or change it at any time. We are under no responsibility to inform you of any changes done, it is your own duty to check the Privacy Policy from time to time and inform yourself of any changes that may have been made.

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Any damage done to you or your properties in any way, upon accessing the websites that have been linked in articles, is the responsibility of the owner of the website alone and has nothing to do with This site advises all of its users to carefully assess each website to ensure that their information may is being respected and they are not in any form of danger.


Contacting Us

The site can be contacted though their contact us page and Facebook page. These pages are perfect for completing any further queries that one has about anything about the website and should be the platform that one uses for any and all types of queries.
Feel free to contact the site owner in order to remove any misconceptions or otherwise noteworthy questions.