Over 40 Ab Solution Review – Is It a Scam?

Introducing Over 40 Abs Solution:

It’s a program launched by Shaun Hadsall which claims to melt your belly fat and guarantees to give a complete six-pack abs. Over 40 Ab Solution comprises of simple tips and tricks that will eventually do the job for you. It is tailored especially for men and women over 40. The program itself is the ‘best exercising breakthrough’ for folks above 40. The promises made in the program includes:

→ Faster fat burning.

→ lean muscle mass.

→ Increase testosterone production and sex drive.

→ Improved immune system.

→ Elevated metabolism.

These are the promises done in Over 40 Ab Solution but the question is does it really work? What people are saying about it? lets find out..


How Does Over 40 Ab Solution Work?

The core of the program lies on the secret 12-minutes workout which is called the metabolic zone training. Over 40 Ab Solution is made by putting the following studies in view:

  • After 40 regular exercises make you unhappy, depressed and upset.
  • Exercises done in the twenties and thirties turn off the fat burning glands after you cross 40. This is the reason why man and woman struggles in tackling fat after the 40 mark.
  • These exercises increase the craving for eating more food. Your appetite increases which means more calorie surplus.
  • It causes ageing symptoms that includes saggy skin. Thus you look older than your age.

Over 40 Ab solution

Over 40 Ab Solution has all the cures for above mentioned problems with just 12-minutes a day workout. These problems usually occur because of hormonal shift which takes place in our body after reaching 40. The core of this guide is to counter this hormonal shift so that your body can melt stubborn fat. It consist of three zones each designed to do a particular task. You just need to follow each zone properly 1-2-3 and you will be rewarded a tighter and flatter belly in no time. The three zones are:

Zone # 1: Prime

This zone is the initially start of the 12-minute workout. It will help the body activate the fat burning hormones present inside in it. Your body will now use the stubborn fat under the skin as a source of energy. This will prevent protein and carbs to stay in the body for muscle growth moreover melting fat at the same. This zone from the program has numerous benefits, the charged up metabolism will also help you stay active and agile. Plus your precious muscle is not burning in the process. This zone will basically transform the body in a fat melting machine furthermore using the melted fat as a source of energy.

Over 40 Ab Solution’s this portion includes three primers which will help you activate the fat burning hormones. They are simple yet found very effective in melting fat. All of the three primers mentioned in the zone will sky rocket your metabolisms up to 300%, even after you finish your workout. Its also includes some not-to-do stuff that most people do which minimizes the results, making all hardwork waste. Each primer will promote fat loss and set the environment for the second zone to take its place.


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Zone # 2: Release

This zone is known as ‘fountain of youth’. It comprises of three movements which will help the body release or shrink stubborn fat cells.

Movement 1 : Its a simple 20-second movement which the author claims is the missing link to your fat loss. It is particularly designed for people over 40 which will help you body lose fat even 48-hours of usage.

Movement # 2 : This movement from Over 40 Ab Solution is the key against ageing symptoms. It takes only 30-seconds to perform it that will help the body fight free radicals and promote fat loss further. You will feel more active and efficient moreover you will get a tighter looking skin.

Movement # 3 : This move only takes as less as 60-second to be performed. It will crush the annoying fat loss plateaus and make your body more leaner and slimmer.

Over 40 Ab solution

Zone # 3 : Burn Off

This zone works as a binder which makes sure that zone 1 and 2 show their effect. The author claims that without this zone the other two zones are just a waste of time. This zone from Over 40 Ab Solution will burn and flush off stubborn fat cells out from your body. This will result in a tighter and firmer midsection. The three secrets present in this zone are:

Secret # 1 : The only movement which will help the body stay activated and stop further fat storage. It will ensure that your metabolism stay high, basically acting as a fat defense.

Secret # 2 : This secret will help you achieve more definition in you muscles. Making those love handles and abs more prominent by killing the last few fat molecules present.

Secret # 3 : This movement only takes 2-minutes which acts as the finisher in Over 40 Ab Solution. This will put a full stop to fat.


The creator claims that all you need to do is to follow these zones correctly, this will be enough to get six pack abs. Forget all the harsh cardio sessions or the long exercising routine, they are not doing any good after the age of 40.

Positive Response..

People all around the globe has tried the program and were very satisfied with the results. Shaun claims Over 40 Ab Solution has helped more than 106,000 people and still growing. Folks using the guide got results which were as promised. This is the reason why the rate of this program is on the successful side with thousands of happy users. Users started to notice the difference in as less as a week and gradually increasing as time passes by. Both men and women crossing 40 were able to over rule stubborn fat from their bodies while enjoyed a tighter and firmer belly even at that age. They felt a lot lighter, active and happier, generally because of release in stress hormones. They found the product reliable and easy-to-follow. To sum it, users found Over 40 Ab Solution one of the best program available in the at comprehensive price. Below is a user who’s very satisfied with his results.

Over 40 Ab solution

Who is Over 40 Ab Solution For?

The program is for all those people who put their effort in dieting and exercising and do not get the results they want. The feeling occurred is very frustrating and leads to depression. This is not only bad for the brain but harms the body as well. Over 40 Ab Solution is made for all such people, it will help them counter stubborn body fat and bless them with sexy six pack abs. It is different from other programs which focus the age range of twenties and thirties. Shaun Hadsall realized as the body grows older it needs new variation. The exercise intensity done in the early age will not help after 40, moreover it will cause more damage. This is why he made this program especially for people over 40. Crunches and sit ups will not do any good in melting fat from the body. You need to be precise in your approach and work cleverly instead.


Pros Of Over 40 Ab Solution:

  • Less time required: The number one highlight of the program is that it requires 12-minutes only per day. This makes it easy for everyone to make a place for it in their busy schedule.
  • Easy-To-Do: Over 40 Ab Solution program is simple yet very effective. It does not come with tough exercise regimens. The programs is easy to do.
  • Scientifically Proven: The ultimate guide is scientifically proven thus making it 100% save to follow.
  • For Both Sex: Over 40 Ab Solution is tailored especially for men and women both, unlike other programs.

Cons Of Over 40 Ab Solution:

  • Not For Everyone: If you want results you will have to stay dedicated. Over 40 Ab Solution will not work if you act carelessly. Skipping any turns and hoping for positive results is just a false thought.
  • Age Barrier: Over 40 Ab Solution is only for people over forty and is useless for people below that age barrier.

What Does Over 40 Ab Solution Program Include?

Following are the components which are a part of the program

The Training manual:

This is the basic training manual which comprises of the 12-minutes workout. It consist of detail explanation of the program which holds in-depth variety of exercises. This is the main manual which will help to melt fat cells.

Success Tracker:

It will help you to stay on track by comparing your results. Seeing your results will make you more motivated. Studies have shown that tracking your results and seeing the difference sends a positive sign to your brain.

Alternate Fast Guide:

This is basically made for people who don’t have time because of their busy routines. It will help them gain access to the info by highlighting the key points.

 Lean 19:

Lean 19 will give you guidelines about what to eat the whole day. It will play its important role in maximizing the results. Lean 19 will make sure to maintain a healthy blood sugar level.


Stubborn Fat Solution:

This part from Over 40 Ab Solution is especially designed for people who have stubborn fat storage on certain body parts. It comes in handy in melting stubborn fat from such place.

Over 40 Ab solution

Over 40 Ab Solution is available at an affordable price.

The Bottom Line:

The program is available through click-bank (world’s largest e-book seller). Over 40 Ab Solution comes with a 90-day full refund assurance, you can claim your refund if you think that the product is not for you.

Over 40 Abs Solution is easy to follow and only requires 12- minutes per day. Moreover it is tailored for both men and women. It does not restrict its users to follow harsh restrictions. Plus The program has an excellent user rating. Keeping everything under note, it a good option for people over 40 looking to attain a good fat free physique.

Visit the official website for more information. You can also get your copy from there.

over 40 ab solution


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