Kahuna Massage Chair Lm6800 Review – Full Details!

If you are seeking for a massage chair that has all the top gears and is reasonable in price as compared to others, then the Kahuna Lm6800 must have appeared among st the best options. It is best known for it’s efficiency to produce a top-quality massage under a cost effective price. There are other high tech machines too but the over charged price tag is not worthy. Today we will review the Kahuna Massage Chair Lm6800 and help you determine whether to buy it or not.

kahuna massage chair lm6800 review
Characteristics Of Kahuna Massage Chair Lm6800:

The Kahuna is one of a kind. It is specifically designed to deliver quality performance with all the high tech functions of its. You will get these relaxant functions with almost double the price with other competing models. Below is a detail description of the features accompanied with this masterpiece:

Feature # 1 : L-Track:

The best pro of this chair is that it offers L-track with quad rollers under a low price tag. Usually other massage chairs in this price range comes up with airbags only. Because of this the user can enjoy a perfect massage from the neck to the lower back. This improves the quality of your massage by covering each muscle in your spine, its a great feature and Kahuna Lm6800 has it.

Feature # 2: Three Zero Gravity Positions:

It also has 3 zero gravity positions. This enables the user to lose all the stress from the muscles. Each posture divides your weight equally within your body, hence your spine and neck gets stress free. The feeling is so much pleasurable that it feels as if you’re in space.

Feature # 3: Yoga Stretching:

The Kahuna Massage Chair Lm6800 has an impressive stretching system. It focuses to give your legs a good stretch so that you maintain good flexibility. This helps your body maintain a healthy blood flow and release maximum tension from  your joints. You can use this feature with your daily massage to add pleasure and relaxation.

Feature # 4: Foot Care:

The high tech machine offers an intense foot massage. There are a couple of airbags located at the foot end, these along with the rollers provides the facility of a good foot massage.

Feature # 5: Six Massage Modes:

The spectacular chair has wide range of six massage modes. It covers different styles that the user can adjust accordingly to their likeness. Each style has a unique way and intensity that targets the pressure points and help relief stress.

kahuna massage chair lm6800 review


List Of All Features From The Kahuna Lm6800:

Automatic programs based on shiatsu therapy
 Yoga program
Body scan technology
Zero Gravity Positioning
L-Track Massage
Dual Foot Roller Massage
Air Arm Massage Technology
Calves and Foot Massage

Heat Therapy

Benefits Of Kahuna Massage Chair Lm6800:

Value For Money:

This massage chair has all the top notch functions that are generally not offered at such a comprehensive price. So one of the biggest benefit of buying this gadget is that you get good value for the money you are investing. Why to thousands of bucks when you can get the same thing at a cheaper price.

Less Space:

It is ideal for personal use and can easily fit in your living room, office e.t.c. It requires only 5 inch space from the back wall even in zero gravity position. This makes it really convenient for individual use. It does not occupy a huge area and you can manage it’s placement easily.

Exceptional Yoga Stretch:

It has one of the most amazing function of yoga stretch. It is so much relaxing and pleasurable that you will fall in love with it. Your body will enjoy a gentle massage while stretching your muscles. This feature in particular is the one that is shouted when massage lovers talk about Kahuna Lm6800.

Heat Therapy:

For maximum relaxation the machine offers a heat option too. The user can turn it on and experience a deeper revitalizing massage. It feels great to use the heat therapy mode after a tiring day.

Positive User Rating:

The Kahuna Lm6800 massage chair has been rated with appreciating feedback. Moreover it comes from renowned company that has a solid support. You can rely on its support if you face any problem regarding the machine.


It comes with a three year warranty. The first year covers all the parts, structure and labor charges. For the second year it covers structural and part queries. While the last year only covers structural framework.

The Bottom Line:

The Kahuna Lm6800 massage chair has all the qualities to be the number one contender. It offers a wide range of impressive functions under a low price tag. While the positive user rating seals the deal. If you are someone looking to go for it then don’t hesitate, you will get good value for your money. I have attached the amazon instant discount link below. Order it exclusively and enjoy a peaceful and relaxing massage. Good Luck!

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