Infinity Iyashi Massage Chair Review – Read This First!

Getting a massage is one of the most pleasant, relaxing and desirable thing one could ever imagine. It gives such a positive burst to your body that it feels as if you are in heaven. With that being said, picking up the right massage chair is what you need to do first. By doing so, you will not only save money but will take your comfort to the next level. Keep reading this Infinity Iyashi Massage Chair review to find out is it worth buying.

Infinity Iyashi Massage Chair Characteristics:

This massage chair is one the most reliable and high tech gadgets available today. According to a research, it assist to relief tension and pain 35% more than any other machine build today. It is loaded with unique yet very user-friendly  options. Apart its lavish design comes in three colors namely; Black & Black, Black & Caramel, and White & Black. Let’s dive into its specifications:

infinity iyashi massage chair review
Characteristic #1: L-track Robot (49 inches stroke)

You will fall in love with the feeling of this feature as it is indifferent from every other chair. Most machines only offer the basic roller that follow the structure of the spine. The back roller track is usually 30-31 inches but this masterpiece has a 49- inch stroke. Due to this, it improves the quality of your massage giving your neck and lower back the jam that is required. The extended leg stand adds more satisfaction as it sends a tantalizing massage to the hip muscles.


Characteristic #2: Airbags:

This remarkable gadget has around 38 airbags that are placed all around it. The purpose of these airbags is generally to maximize the quality of your massage. These are situated on places where the roller can not reach. You will get the best feeling on the body parts where the airbags are located. They are under the calves, arms and hip area. One of the best function of these airbags is that they inflate and deflate sending a lovely relaxant feeling to the body.


Characteristic #3: The Heat Option:

There is also a heat option available. You can turn it on if you want a deeper massage. There’s a pad that is located beneath the lower back, as you switch the option on it starts to heat increases the comfort.

Characteristic #4: Posture Retainer:

Due to its great design, the Infinity Iyashi will help you in concluding a straight posture. Most people tend to bent down while standing or walking. This adds a negative mark to their personality. You can now assist your body to attain the correct posture while having a cozy massage.


Characteristic #5: Zero Gravity Positions

To sum the satisfaction, the innovation of zero gravity is also a part of this fantastic chair. This helps your body to adopt such a position that it distributes your weight equally to all parts of your body. Furthermore, your spine and neck is relieved and you can experience a quality massage. Its like having a massage in space, its so relaxing and re-vitalizing!


Characteristics #6: Six Massage Modes:

There are 6 different modes that can be adjusted according to the likeness of the user. The machine is easy to operate and very flexible. One can play with the modes combination and adjust the intensity respectively.




1. 2 Zero Gravity Positions

2. 49 inch massage stroke

3. L-track Intelligent Robot

4. Posture Retainer

5. Impressive Massage Modes includes: Kneading, Tapping, Knocking, Synchronic and Shiatsu

6. Foot Rollers

7. Heat Therapy

8. Thai Stretch Program

9. Waist Twist

Benefits Of Choosing Infinity Iyashi Massage Chair:

It is one of the successful models ever build, users have given this product a 5-star rating and thousands of happy reviews.

If you are looking for a massage chair to adjust in your house or business place, Infinity Iyashi is the right one. Unlike other chairs it does not require that much space. It can be placed and used just 6 inches away from the wall.

The product has all the top functionality that makes it worth buying. It’s like investing in something good that you won’t regret.

The whole machine is very pleasant and does not make much noise. Generally these type of massage machine make noises because of the airbags, but this one is different.



General Information:


>The maximum weight allowed: 258 lbs

>Ideal height:  5.1 inches — 6.6 inches

>Colors: Red, Brown, Caramel

>Warranty: 3 Year



What the Warranty Covers:

The manufacturers are delighted to offer a 3 year warranty. The first year warranty contract will cover the labor and parts cost. The second year supports parts and the third year only supports structure warranty.


The Bottom Line:

Having the world’s longest massage stroke, L-track, 2 zero gravity positions and other top gear functions makes Infinity Iyashi a top recommendation for massage lovers. You can exclusively order the product by visiting the brand’s website. The best thing is that you will not have to bear any shipping cost, moreover a team will assemble the machine once it is delivered at your desired address. I have attached a $300 instant discount link below, grab your Infinity Iyashi Maasge Chair today and enjoy a peaceful, recharging and cozy massage. Good Luck!



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