Infinity Iyashi Massage Chair Review – Read This First!

Getting a massage is one of the most pleasant, relaxing and desirable thing one could ever imagine. It gives such a positive burst to your body that it feels as if you are in heaven.
Aside from just the relaxation, massages can actually lead to unprecedented health benefits, and allow you to become free of ailments such as headaches, anxiety, insomnia and even stress. Due to our work-heavy lifestyles, these sort of problems are becoming our night and day, so I’m sure everyone wants to be relieved from them in the easiest manner possible.


With that being said, picking up the right massage chair is what you need to do first. By doing so, you will not only save money but will take your comfort to the next level.


Many massage chairs boast a huge category of features at first, but not many are able to keep that promise and really deliver features not only work together to create an enjoyable and relaxing endeavor, but also are just pure expensive.
Even if they do offer you with some features, they don’t take into account your health, and often chairs don’t have proper back support, meaning your spine has to suffer in the process. The massaging element of many chairs is also greatly lacking and is generally not performing as well it could.


However, this all is changed by the new Infinity Iyashi Massage chair. Keep reading this review to find out is it worth buying.


Infinity Iyashi Reviews

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Infinity Iyashi Massage Chair Characteristics:

This massage chair is one the most reliable and high tech gadgets available today.


Essentially, this massage chair takes things to a whole other dimension. It’s no longer just a ‘massage chair’; instead it’s an entire state-of-the-art machine that completely transforms the way you deal with common problems like anxiety and stress.
This makes it akin to the likes of therapy! However, not only is it more accessible and cheaper in the long run, the Infinity Iyashi Massage Chair can also just be used for relaxation.


According to a research, it assist to relief tension and pain 35% more than any other machine build today. This ensures that you, the user never feels confused when using this chair. All of your options are neatly and quite clearly displayed in front of you, allowing you to make decisions quickly and easily. Not a mount out of your relaxation is taken out. It is loaded with unique yet very user-friendly options. Apart its lavish design the machine comes in three colors namely; Black & Black, Black & Caramel, and White & Black. Let’s dive into its specifications:

infinity iyashi massage chair review
Characteristic #1: L-track Robot (49 inches stroke)

You will fall in love with the feeling of this feature as it is indifferent from every other chair. Most machines only offer the basic roller that follow the structure of the spine. The back roller track is usually 30-31 inches but this masterpiece has a 49- inch stroke. Due to this, it improves the quality of your massage giving your neck and lower back the jam that is required. The extended leg stand adds more satisfaction as it sends a tantalizing massage to the hip muscles. This ensures that you, the user never feels confused when using this chair. All of your options are neatly and quite clearly displayed in front of you, allowing you to make decisions quickly and easily. Not a mount out of your relaxation is taken out.


Characteristic #2: Airbags:

This remarkable gadget has around 38 airbags that are placed all around it. The purpose of these airbags is generally to maximize the quality of your massage. These are situated on places where the roller can not reach. You will get the best feeling on the body parts where the airbags are located. They are under the calves, arms and hip area. One of the best function of these airbags is that they inflate and deflate sending a lovely relaxant feeling to the body. This maximizes the feeling of comfort and relaxation and can do a lot to reduce anxiety and stress. These airbags due to their added comfort can also allow people who are suffering from insomnia to fall asleep much more easily, and is generally great for people who wish to relax after a long day of work.
The airbags can be the deciding factor on whether or not a massage chair takes that comfort to the next level, but the Infinity Iyashi Massage Chair truly succeeds at this.


Characteristic #3: The Heat Option:

There is also a heat option available. You can turn it on if you want a deeper massage. There’s a pad that is located beneath the lower back, as you switch the option on it starts to heat increases the comfort. The heat can be adjusted to better suit your needs, and is perfect for a sauna-like feel for your chair.

Characteristic #4: Posture Retainer:

Due to its great design, the Infinity Iyashi will help you in concluding a straight posture. Having a straight posture is very imperative for the human body. While sitting in normal chairs, people often bend their spines and sit in those positions for multiple hours. This can cause a drastic effect on your spine and can even lead to a hunchback. Most people tend to bent down while standing or walking. This adds a negative mark to their personality. You can now assist your body to attain the correct posture while having a cozy massage. The posture retainer ensures that your body is not bent while resting in this comfortable and relaxing chair. Instead, you are straight and upright, and your spine is not in any weird positions. This ensures that not only you are safe from any sort of irregularity in your posture, but also are doing what’s the healthiest option for your back.


Characteristic #5: Zero Gravity Positions

To sum the satisfaction, the innovation of zero gravity is also a part of this fantastic chair. This helps your body to adopt such a position that it distributes your weight equally to all parts of your body. Furthermore, your spine and neck is relieved and you can experience a quality massage. The name zero gravity isn’t just a name for show because this function actually makes it feel like having a massage in space, its so relaxing and re-vitalizing!


As a result of this characteristic, your body can feel completely out of bounds and without any restraints. You can truly feel free and enveloped in this amazing chair. The immersion level is not broken for even a mere second because every feature this chair has to offer is aimed at ensuring that you remain comfortable at all times. Your posture remains straight, your weight is completely distributed and the airbags give a refreshing, fulfilling feel. Truly a perfect design.


Characteristics #6: Six Massage Modes:

There are 6 different modes that can be adjusted according to the likeness of the user. The machine is easy to operate and very flexible. One can play with the modes combination and adjust the intensity respectively. These customization options allow for easier management, and make it so you can choose and decide what works best for you. There’s no need to worry on whether you will like the pre-decided values, as you can adjust close to everything.
The massages can be changed to work a certain way, allowing you maximum comfort in the way you see best. There’s really no reason to worry as you can easily change the set values and get the comfort that you truly deserve. Watch the video to get a better understanding of the characteristics.


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1. 2 Zero Gravity Positions

2. 49 inch massage stroke

3. L-track Intelligent Robot

4. Posture Retainer

5. Impressive Massage Modes includes: Kneading, Tapping, Knocking, Synchronic and Shiatsu

6. Foot Rollers

7. Heat Therapy

8. Thai Stretch Program

9. Waist Twist


>> Infinity-Iyashi-Manual-PDF <<

Benefits Of Choosing Infinity Iyashi Massage Chair:

It is one of the successful models ever build, users have given this product a 5-star rating and thousands of happy reviews. Harboring not just new features but also perfecting some older ones, the Infinity Iyashi Massage Chair truly brings you an experience that is unlike any other

If you are looking for a massage chair to adjust in your house or business place, Infinity Iyashi is the right one. Unlike other chairs it does not require that much space. It can be placed and used just 6 inches away from the wall. This makes it perfect for not just keeping at a room in your home, but can be a perfect fit for workplaces too, that wish to add some sort of relaxing procedures to their offices. It  can also be added to gyms with relative ease, to allow the users of the gym to relax after some hours after some hours of work.

The product has all the top functionality that makes it worth buying. It’s like investing in something good that you won’t regret. With multiple features that amazingly complement each other, this chair truly takes perfection into consideration. After getting this chair, you will forget about any others, as the options offered by this one greatly defeat others.

The whole machine is very pleasant and does not make much noise. Generally these type of massage machine make noises because of the airbags, but this one is different. Thus, it ensures a relaxing and silent experience.



General Information:


>The maximum weight allowed: 258 lbs

>Ideal height:  5.1 inches — 6.6 inches

>Colors: Red, Brown, Caramel

>Warranty: 3 Year


This is how the remote works

What the Warranty Covers:

The manufacturers are delighted to offer a 3 year warranty. The first year warranty contract will cover the labor and parts cost. The second year supports parts and the third year only supports structure warranty. Safety and risk-free purchases are truly the best, and Infinity Iyashi offers exactly that.


The Bottom Line:

Having the world’s longest massage stroke, L-track, 2 zero gravity positions and other top gear functions makes this chair a top recommendation for massage lovers. You can exclusively order the product by visiting the brand’s website. The best thing is that you will not have to bear any shipping cost, moreover a team will assemble the machine once it is delivered at your desired address.


All in all, the Infinity Iyashi Massage Chair goes the distance and provides you with the comfortable and relaxing experience that very little massage machines even provide nowadays. It takes competent decisions and steps to ensure that everything that you are provided with works immensely together, making the overall enjoyment that much greater.
Being able to fight against many ailments that prevail among us nowadays like anxiety, insomnia, and stress, the Infinity Iyashi Massage chair manages to remain not just a relaxing tool, but also a stress reliever and healthy and cheaper alternative to therapy.
It’s convenient and rather easy to carry, meaning it can be placed anywhere in your house to in a gym or workplace. It can also be assembled wherever you want it to, as mentioned above.
Overall for the price, the features you receive are greatly worth investing in, and you feel like your life needs an extra bit of stress-relieving and just pure relaxation, then the Infinity Iyashi is exactly what you may be looking for.


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