Gaining weight and lean muscle mass are two different things. First, one has to understand that the difference between both. Eating too many calories on a daily basis will lead to weight gain but eating calculated calories will lead to the right way. If one eats calculated calories that are just 500+ the maintaining calorie level of the body then the weight increased will be in the form of lean muscle mass, provided that the person workouts and eats clean . Counting the calories in gaining muscle mass is the key to success combined with a clean diet. Without a clean diet mass can be obtained but most of it would be fat. There are some key points that will help you in gaining muscle mass easily and avoid getting fat.

How much calories to eat to gain lean muscle mass?  

First thing is that calculate how much calories you burn on  daily basis. For example, if a person burns 2200 calories per day eating 2700 calories would be enough but to gain lean muscle mass you have to eat clean and balanced. Count all the calories you burn and eat 500+ calories so that these extra calories would help in gaining lean muscle mass. This is the easiest formula you can apply and be more muscular. All the calories should come from protein , carbs and fats in the required ratio. Make lean gains, combined with a balanced clean diet and a good physical workout.

What includes a balanced clean diet?

A balanced clean diet includes all the nutrients in the right quantity. Instead of eating junk food go for a healthy diet. Make place for proteins , carbs , fats , vitamins and minerals. Remember 1 gram of protein and carbohydrate give 4 calories each while 1 gram of  fat gives 9 calories. This will help you count your calories. All the calories should come in the required ratio so that lean muscle mass gain should be increased to maximum. If your diet isn’t balanced you would not be able make gains and all the hard work would go to waste. According to experts, 50% of the physique is made in the kitchen while 30% in the gym and remaining 20% depends on the rest you take. All these things are interlinked with each other, your progress would slow down or even stop if any of these is lacking.
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What Does Protein, Carbs And Fats Do?

 Proteins are the building blocks of your body. They are required for the growth of new muscle fibers and to repair the damage muscle fibers cause by the physical activities done in the gym. Some high protein items are: eggs , lean beef , chicken , tuna e.t.c.
Carbohydrates are the energy suppliers , they give instant energy to the body which is required throughout the day to do work. Foods that are rich in carbs are: whole grains , potatoes , brown rice , fruits e.t.c.
Fats also provide energy to the body but comparing it with carbs , fat releases slow energy. They are denser in calories too comparing them with carbs and proteins. There are different types of fats , good fats are required to do proper functioning of the body while trans fats are not good . Foods that gives good fats are: avocados , dark chocolate , organic cheese e.t.c
Calorie division:
Protein is the main house for muscle building. 1 gram of protein should be taken against each pound of body weight. The remaining half should be divided between fats and carbs according to the requirements.

How Much Do I Workout?

If you are new to the gym and just started working out don’t over do yourself. Divide each day for a particular muscle group, do one muscle group each day. Not do more then 5 to 6 exercises per day. Do workout on five days and give two days rest to recover. If you are skinny don’t start hitting abs from day one but gain some muscle mass first then start hitting abs on alternating days with a muscle group. Focus on compounds movement first because they are the real mass building exercises. Compound movements includes exercises like bench press , deadlift , squat , chin ups e.t.c.
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How Much do I Sleep?

When you sleep your body is repairing the damage you did in the gym. Not sleeping enough will slow down or even stop the muscle building process. An average person should sleep 8 to 9 hours daily to promote muscle growth and for proper functioning of the body.

What About Supplements?

 If you are new to the gym it would be better not to rely on them. After 2 to 3 months start using them but don’t completely rely on them to complete your nutrients and diet plan. They are there in your diet just to give a boost. People nowadays completely rely on supplements which is not a good thing to do, this minimizes the the chance of gaining muscle.

Picking the right supplement: 

There is no such thing as a good supplement . It depends on the person using it. For example if a supplement doesn’t suits your friend it doesn’t mean it would not suit you too. Every person has its own unique body type. Try out different supplements and find out what works best for you.


 Stay motivated and enjoy what you are doing. Follow these simple habits and make a diet plan according to youdownload (11)r calorie needs and spread them accordingly throughout the day in five to six meals. Each meal having place for carbs , proteins and fats. Remember, Efforts put in never get wasted. Be patient and stick to the cause and you will get the result in your way.

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