Over The Counter Diet And Treatment Of Severe Acid Reflux And Back Pain

Acid Reflux or heartburn disease is an ailment that occurs when the acid from your stomach rises to your esophagus, as a result of it opening too frequently. It along with back pain is one of such ailments that commonly occur in people, and does not alarm them as much as it should. It happens when the acid inside your stomach moves up to the food pipe making its way to the gullet. This usually causes a burning feeling around the lower chest area. If you are having acid reflux over the counter and it happens almost twice a week then it’s a sign you should start taking it seriously.

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Acid Reflux and Back Pain

Acid Reflux and Back Pain are quite common ailments that pollute our body on many occasions. While we tend to throw little caution their way, and often expect the pain to simply resolve itself, the fact is even common ailments like Acid Reflux and Back Pain can very soon, lead to grave dangers. According to Timothy Pfanner, MD, Gerd and Back Pain like issues can act as precursors to much dangerous diseases like cancer.

Thus, it is imperative to always be on high alert and keep yourself healthy and aware of your body. In the event that you do believe that you have acid relfux disease, here is what you can ask yourself.

Do I Have Acid Reflux?

“Do I Have Acid Reflux?” is the very first question that you should be asking yourself if you think that you may have fallen victim to heartburn disease. Remaining alert and active is one of the primary ways to detect symptoms of any disease. Thus, while it may not seem like much, a simple question like “Do I Have Acid Reflux?” can mean the difference between discovering your disease just in time or too late.


Symptoms of Severe Acid Reflux

Heartburn occurs when the acid from your stomach rises up your esophagus, and can lead to many symptoms. One such symptom is chest pain. This is one of the major symptoms of the acid reflux. However, since chest pain can mean many different things, it is recommended to consult a doctor to determine its real cause.
Gerd or heartburn is also highly likely when you feel a stronger pain in your chest when you lie down. As a result of the acid from your stomach rising up when you lie down, your chest can feel an intense pain, much stronger than when you stand up straight.
Some other symptoms of acid reflux are:

• A healthy and aware of your body, as a result of the acid rising up to your throat.
• Extensive pain after meals. Since after you intake food, especially large amounts of time, the acid in your stomach rises up.
• Your voice can change, and become much different due to the acid interfering with your vocal cords.
• Problems while swallowing, coughing and an increase in saliva.


Severe Acid Reflux Treatment:

Severe Acid Reflux can be a very stressful and painful issue that requires urgent care and consultation. One of the primary ways of dealing with it is to take the proper medication allotted to you by your doctor. Aside from medicines however, there are some other ways through which severe acid reflux treatment can be done.
Severe Acid Reflux Treatment can be done through the following ways:
• Reducing the intake of alcohol, caffeine and smoke
• Stay away from foods that can trigger chest pain, such as citrus fruits.
• Eat smaller meals, as opposed to larger ones.
• Do not consume any food before sleeping or one or two hours around that time.


What to Take For Acid Reflux?

The question you may have asked yourself when dealing with acid reflux is, “What to Take For Acid Reflux?” Gerd, besides medications can also be solved through many different home remedies. One of the finest remedies for decreasing the effect of heartburn is chewing gum.

Chewing gum, not only refreshes your breath but can also relief symptoms of heartburn and chest ache. It can allow you to more easily flush away any acid that may have reached your esophagus.
Licorice is also another item that is commonly found in households and can be used as a way to reduce acid reflux. While not much research has been done on this, licorice has been noted to reduce the heartburn by getting to its core. It is said to contain stomach healing properties that can allow you to more easily rejuvenate from gerd. Among other herbs, Aloe is one that notably is known for providing relief from heartburn, and one that many patients of the disease have tried and found positive results from.

While these home-based remedies do not act as hard-medicines, they can help as the first line of defense, especially when you have not yet consulted a doctor. Hopefully, they can make it so you have a few answers the next time you ask yourself, “What to Take For Acid Reflux?”.

Acid Reflux Over the Counter

Acid Reflux Over the Counter medicines include antacids, which are primarily the very first medicine that doctors recommend to patients as they help reduce the pain from heartburn which is felt during gerd.
While sometimes leading to side effects, this is probably the best medication to reduce the pain from heartburn. H2 Blockers are yet another medication that can help you when dealing with gerd. H2 Blockers assist you by controlling the amount of acid formed in your stomach, and can provide slow, yet consistent healthy and aware of your body.

Another one of the Acid Reflux Over the Counter medicines is proton pump inhibitors are another table-top medication used on patients suffering from heartburn. These are generally believed to be the most powerful, useful especially for people suffering from excessive heartburn. That said, it is necessary to first consult your doctor and locate the true cause of your heartburn before deciding which one of the Acid Reflux Over the Counter medicines to use.

Diet for Acid Reflux Sufferers:

Finding the perfect diet for acid reflux sufferers is difficult, however there are certain foods that are known to perform well against the acid that accumulates in your stomach, and rises up your esophagus. These generally include Ginger, Oatmeal and particular fruits like melons and bananas. Aloe Vera, as mentioned before can also be used in this regard.
As far as proteins are concerned, chicken, turkey and seafood should be your go-to option. You will frequently find these proteins listed in a diet for acid reflux sufferers. Avoiding fatty foods, that contain excessive amounts of oil, along with removal of items such as chocolate, mint, and caffeine is suggested. Finding the right mix of foods to eat, and ones to avoid can help shape the perfect diet for acid reflux sufferers.

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