12 Steps to Whole Foods Review – Pdf Manual By Robyn Openshaw.

Starting a new diet can be a very difficult and arduous take. You never really know where to begin and that confusion and frustration can often make it so you completely give up the mission to eat healthy and follow a path that you will more than likely regret in the future.

To avoid running into roadblocks and building a regime based upon facts rather than rumors and personal opinions of several people, it is recommended to use trustworthy guides such as 12 Steps to Whole Foods.
In this 12 Steps to Whole Foods review we will be looking into the basics of the guide, breaking down its components and generally stating any benefits or advantages it provides to you. The end result of this review is to enlighten you as a purchaser.


What Is The 12 Steps to Whole Foods?

Understanding the various difficulties that anyone trying to lose weight and eat healthy encounters, Robyn Openshaw, the author of 12 Steps to Whole Foods compiled a list of tried and tested methods that you can employ to follow the right track and give your body the exact pathway it needs to lead to your new, reformed and healthier body.

It is a guide that is built upon research and facts, and includes the knowledge of several years in the industry which is something that many other guides nowadays lack. As evident by the name, the guide includes 12 steps that when employed into your life, start your transformation process. At the end of these steps, you will achieve your much awaited body.

12 steps to whole foods review
It incorporates ideas from various different sources and the experiences for many people. Turns out that sometimes even if you are giving it our all to an exercise or dieting plan, your body is just unwilling to cooperate, and thus you are unable to actually reduce weight even though you tried your all.


In such a situation, the usage of certain foods can actually allow your body to break-free from this massive constraint, and thus knowing how to do so is vital towards unveiling the benefits of the 12 Steps to Whole Foods guide.
In general, this guide can help you alleviate the following problems and take away the following issues from you:

A deprivation of energy throughout the day and a lack of motivation to complete your daily tasks.
 Ailments relating to age, and the deterioration of your body.
 Learning how to calm your nerves and dealing with stress and anxiety.
 Being overweight and not having the proper diet.
 A weakened body immune system that doesn’t protect you the needed natural shields.

That said, if you wish to strengthen yourself and your body, and break free from the bonds that keep you in place, it is vital to use this guide and achieve much using it.


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About the Author – Robyn Openshaw

Robyn Openshaw has had a name for herself in the workout and healthcare industry as the “green smoothie girl” and rightly so, her claim to fame had been from her smoothies that she used to help people resolve the many health issues they had.
These smoothies were made using green foods particularly, and thus everyone could try them and attain their massive benefits. However, her intellect didn’t end there. She compiled a system of foods that were carefully linked with one another, and created a guide that was a nutritional wonder.Robyn Openshaw
Even at the age of 50, she looks incredibly young and is amazingly healthy, which can all be credited to the work she’s put into her guide, and the benefits she’s reaped herself from her work.

The Components of 12 Steps to Whole Foods:

12 Steps to Whole Foods is available in various components and comes in extra add-ons that are additional materials over the base product. These means that not only you get the guide, which by itself, is jam-packed with knowledge that will undoubtedly change and alter the way you live entirely, but also has other helpful media functions to complement its information.

The guide comes with various manuals, and extra diet books detailing the many different things you need to do in order to achieve a transformation in your body. You also receive an online membership, and this access allow you to communicate with other members using this guide as they share their progress with you, allowing you to discuss vital details.
Included further is a CD containing meditation and other useful information and tidbits. The complete list of items you receive from the various components of the program are as follows:

12 Steps To Whole Foods Course Manual: 

This guide is the main dish you receive from the entire course. Nearly of the length of at least 430+ pages, this is where you will learn all of the various tips and techniques required to completely transform your life using this guide, and that too, in a step by step and easy process so that you are never confused or left wondering what to do or where to go.


12 Steps To Whole Foods Menu Planner:

Much as you’d expect from a guide of this sort, this is a perfect 2-month eating schedule that gives you the details and information on all of the various recipes and foods you will need to complement the guide perfectly. This can massively save the trouble of having to purchase food each time and be left thinking what you will need to buy next – as the guide does it for you.


The Green Smoothies Diet Book:

This is Robyn’s best-seller, and includes delicious smoothie recipes, tips, tricks, and challenges to get and keep you inspired to committing to your new whole food, plant based lifestyle.


Online Membership Access:

An online reservoir of knowledge, this is the perfect place to share your experiences, pick up tricks and helpful details from other users, as well as find a plethora of useful guides, videos and other medias to make the guide even more powerful in what it does. Truly, this is one of the aspects of this guide that really propels it forward and ahead of the mediocre stuff we find usually.


12 Steps Meditation CD:

Meditation on the daily can have multiple benefits to your physical and mental health, even if you only do it for about a few minutes a day. Thus, this CD will help you reach your highest of zens and find out your chakra and all of the other Jürgen used by experts. For free, you’ll be getting knowledge that can cost hundreds of dollars.


GSG Genius Guides: 

A light-weight informational bit that can be taken along with you when shopping to become smart in literally a second. It gives you handy tools and tidbits of information that you can implement into the situation and learn more about the stuff you’re buying.

What Are The Benefits of 12 Steps to Whole Foods?

→ No Calorie Counting:

Ever get tired of having to count your calories on your finger-tips and be restricted to only eating the most boring and restricted foods on your daily schedule just for the sake of losing weight? I know most people feel this way, just because it’s such a massively disappointing and distressing experience to go through.

No one wants to have to block off their favorite foods just because a guide told them they were dangerous, and 12 Steps to Whole Foods understands this, and instead follows you along in a manner that allows you to eat your favorites foods, without the worries of calorie counting and all of the other nonsense we’re told on the regular.
Instead, it provides you with the details that you need to eat healthy whole foods, that by themselves make you healthier in a natural way.


→ Simple and Comprehensive:

Even despite being around 400 pages, and packing a lot of information, the guide never becomes too complex or difficult to understand. It goes through the mind of the user and only allows for enough information at each point, making it so the reader and user is able to grasp it all easily and implement it into their life.
You won’t have to deal with any difficult keywords or scientific terms, instead, everything is given in a straight forward and easy way.

→ 12 Commandmants and You’re Good To Go:

The guide doesn’t linger on with additional purchases or things you need to do to receive its full benefits, instead what you buy is what you get – and those 12 steps are all you need to transform your life in a jiffy.


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Conclusion on the 12 Steps to Whole Foods Review

12 Steps to Whole Foods is definitely a guide that’s worth your time. Available in varying prices, including $168, $130 and $90, it allows for just about everyone to receive the price they’re comfortable with.

So, for anyone that wants to break free from the normal bonds of losing weight and instead achieve something they may have only dreamed of before, 12 Steps to Whole Foods is here to help.

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